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AlexIV - "John"
Alexey Plyushch
(guitar, harp, vocal)
Bitnik - "Ringo"
Max Bobrov
(drums, vocal)

Everything you wanted to know about THE BEATWEEN but were afraid to ask :-)

The band Repertoire Rider

Bitnik - Max Bobrov - drums, vocals, Ringo

Funky - Michael Treshalin - guitars, vocals, George

Old Den - Dennis Kagorlitsky - bass, vocals, Paul

AlexIV - Alexey Plyushch - guitar, harp, vocals, John

THE BEATWEEN are the only Beatles tribute band in Moscow, who perform songs from the early Beatles repertoire (1958 - 1964) and whose consept is based on their Hamburg and Liverpool days. THE BEATWEEN do not aim to impersonate the Beatles, but rather bring to life the music that moulded an obscure Liverpool band into the group we all know and love.

THE BEATWEEN got together in September 2002 thanks to the internet Beatles club at, where the group information and updates are always available. The band played their first gig at the "Yellow Submarine" club on October the 9th 2002; since then they've been gigging successfully in clubs of Moscow, St Petersburg and some other cities. THE BEATWEEN played at the "Moskovski Komsomolets" newspaper fete in "Luzhniki" (Moscow), and a few numbers from their performance at the "Yellow Submarine" club on 27.05.2003 were filmed by the Paul McCartney crew for the documentary about Paul's visit to Russia in May 2003, called "Paul McCartney In Red Square. (It premiered in the USA on the A&E Channel on September 19, 2003 and in Russia on the First TV Channel on November 7, 2003).

The group members guested in different live radio shows, including three appearances at "The Echo of Moscow" radio, one of the most popular radio stations in Moscow and Russia's major cities. On October the 25th 2003 THE BEATWEEN performed at the International Beatles Festival in the Luzhniki Sports Arena, where the band represented Russia quite successfully, which was testified by positive reviews in Russian press.

The band saw the New Year in playing at "The rocus City Mall" (Moscow). Along with many renowned Russian performers the band took part in the show called "Back in USSR". On January the 13th an edited version of the show, including a number by THE BEATWEEN, was shown on the NTV channel, which broadcasts on the whole territory of Russia.

THE BEATWEEN have been gigging a lot in Moscow and other cities, as well as taking part in different festivals, notably in the Apple Years Street Festival organized yearly by The Optimalny Variant band. And undoubtedly one of the major events in the life of the band was meeting the legendary Tony Sheridan, who The Beatles played and recorded with in 1961, and supporting him in concerts (in Moscow and in St Petersburg, in June 2004).

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Old Den - "Paul"
Dennis Kagorlitsky
(bass, vocal)
Funky - "George"
Michael Treshalin
(guitar, vocal)