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AlexIV - "John"
Alexey Plyushch
(guitar, harp, vocal)
Bitnik - "Ringo"
Max Bobrov
(drums, vocal)

Everything you wanted to know about THE BEATWEEN but were afraid to ask :-)

The band Repertoire Rider

Technical information

The necessary technical equipment:

- 3 Vocal Microphones with Boom Stands (including one for the drummer)
- Drum Kit including:
     14" x 20" Bass Drum,
     14" x 14" Floor Tom,
     8" x 12" Tom,
     8" x 10" Tom (or 8" x 13" Tom),
     Cymbal Stand,
     Boom Stand,
     Hi-Hat Stand,
     Snare Stand,
- 2 guitar amplifiers (min 30W),
- 1 bass guitar amplifier (min 60W),

- depending on the kind of the venue, a mixing desk, amplifier, monitors and speakers are required.


It is possible for us to bring our own equipment, which should be discussed in advance.

Your business offers please mail to Alexey Plyushch
e-mail: Alex@Beatween.Ru

Old Den - "Paul"
Dennis Kagorlitsky
(bass, vocal)
Funky - "George"
Michael Treshalin
(guitar, vocal)