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AlexIV - "John"
Alexey Plyushch
(guitar, harp, vocal)
Bitnik - "Ringo"
Max Bobrov
(drums, vocal)

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8.8.2007 8:39
Great work guys, I love you repertoire, very similar to ours.

All the best

28.3.2005 6:37
Don Hertel,
Great site. I collect Goffin/King covers, so I was able to add "Don't Ever Change" and 2 versions of "Take Good Care of My Baby" to my collection. Any chance of posting "Chains" and "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby" mp3s to the site?
13.1.2005 8:58
Hey guys! I was wondering if you got my email I sent you about my visit to Moscow this March. I'd like to see the show or at least talk "Beatles". Waiting for your reply...Ringo
28.9.2004 3:59
Privet guys!
I have a Beatles tribute band in New Orleans USA and I found your site because my wife is from Yoshkar Ola Russia. I would like to put a link on our site so all our fans can visit your site. I think you guys sound great and have done a really good job singing in english. If you would like to get more exposure in the USA on my website please write me and tell me what you think. Great work!!!
28.6.2004 18:11
Pat Matthews,
Hey BeaTween!!! Great stuff!! I've added "Like Dreamers Do" and "Don't Ever Change" to the playlists of Beatles-A-Rama!!! The best internet radio station for Beatles' music!!!

a BIG Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!
11.5.2004 0:32
we love U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28.3.2004 19:50
Hey guys,
nice to meet you (and thnks to google). Never thought about some russian Beatweens! But however, it only shows, that music is a worldwide language.
See you somewhere in the world someday!?!
28.3.2004 0:27
So...our message!!!
We don't know what for we opened this
WE LOVE THE BEATWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what else? our incredible knowledge of English will amaze everyone...but...
We Love the Beatween.
That was "you can't dig it, can you?" by Bootovo.
If we had an embassy in our small state, we certainly would invite you all into Bootovo, but we don't, so you have to go there illegally (without visa).

Welcome to BOOTOVO.

BOOTOVO for everyone!!!!!
27.3.2004 21:30
What's a good idea to make this site an international one:)))

Anfortunately, I've forgotten even Spanish :( I can't help you to broaden such an activity :*(
But you may rely on me with some technical work :)
27.3.2004 21:22
Zavrak Turysta,
It's great, men!
Do you want make this site in spanish?
I can help you, if you want!!! :)))
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Old Den - "Paul"
Dennis Kagorlitsky
(bass, vocal)
Funky - "George"
Michael Treshalin
(guitar, vocal)